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Nurserymen’s Sure-Gro offers the following Garden Center available
for retail sale:

Shrub special (8-8-8).  Excellent for use on most shrubs.  Derives
50% of its Nitrogen from slow-release sources for extended, safe

All-Purpose special (18-4-10).  An all purpose slow-release
fertilizer that lasts up to 4 months.  Offers 77% slow-release organic
Nitrogen for slow feeding and low burn potential.  Rich in micro-
nutrients, which are so vital to healthy, good-looking plants.

Bougainvillea and Bloom special (6-8-10).  Excellent for feeding
Bougainvillea and other flowering plants.  

Citrus special (8-4-8).  Outstanding for feeding Citrus and Tropical
Fruit Trees.  

In-ground Palm and Shrub special (12-4-12).  A state-of-the-art
Palm fertilizer.  Excellent for feeding Ixora and other acid loving
plants.  Also superb with most other trees and shrubs.

In-ground Palm special (8-4-12).  The latest I.F.A.S.
recommendation for in ground palms: a 2-1-3-1 N-P-K-Mg ratio with
100% of Nitrogen and Potash from slow-release ingredients.  No
activated sludge, which may induce Manganese deficiency.

Flowering Plant special (14-12-14).  Excellent for feeding
Flowering Plants: derives 95% of its' Nitrogen, 75% Phosphorous
and 83% Potassium from slow-release sources for extended, safe

Acid Lovers special (14-14-12).  Outstanding on Ixora, Azalea,
Gardenia and other Acid-Loving plants.    

Most of these products are available in
2 pound 4 ounce jars, 20
pound bags with handles, and 50 pound bags.  Jars can display a
Nurserymen’s Sure-Gro label or a label with the logo of your choice.  
20 pound and 50 pound bags can be produced with custom labels,
as well, subject to minimum order restrictions.